Friday, October 15, 2010


Another year, another Thanksgiving Day has come and gone.
As I take some quiet moments to consider the things that I’m thankful for this year, I realize some of them are new stuff but most are things that perhaps I’ve taken for granted.

The new includes the birth of my first grandchild; I never imagined how much joy and love a granddaughter brings into the household! I’m really thankful that my wife and I are still young enough to be fully involved in her life.
One of the other things I’m really thankful for is the church that I’ve served in for the last 21 years. Early in my ministry, I always dreamed of a worship team that would comprise the most gifted musicians and singers.
I’m so thankful for what God has given us in this worship team! Gifted individuals who are willing to invest what they do best to bring sweet music to the souls of man, and pleasure to the heart of the Father. I'm thankful also for the many who have served tirelessly in home groups and the passionate volunteers serving the children of the church, over the years.

I’m most thankful for my family who have walked beside me on my faith adventure, and had to put up with all the sacrifices and challenges .