Friday, September 10, 2010


It certainly feels like summer has ended here in the Pacific Northwest. June was a washout, but the last two months was nice and sunny.
This is a compilation of images that I want to remember from the summer of 2010.

Pate and baguette in Granville Island makes for a tasty afternoon snack.
Pollen season strikes fear into the hearts of many - thankfully I don't have allergies!
Fruit country - nice and hot!

We found this tree with the sweetest Golden plums.
Biking alone one hot sunny afternoon on the Shell Road Trail.

The highlight of my summer was the arrival of my grand-daughter!
This little girl is grandma's best friend!

We had the biggest Sockeye Salmon run in 100 years.
Fishing boats waiting their turn to sell their catch.
I bought 5 fish at $10 each - not bad eh!

Chickadee in Richmond Nature Park.
Caught this Ground Squirrel as it poked his head out to survey the scene in Manning Park.

A perfect shot as the sun was setting and a wave swept through these old pilings.
We found the best new Gelato in town.
James was making his first batch of Lavender Gelato that night.

On golden pond!
There's nothing like chasing seagulls as you chase the last rays of sunlight.

Must try the latest craze in outdoor exercise - standup paddle boarding.
Imagine going up the River of Golden Dreams .
Visiting my one-legged friends as they prepare for bed time.
This was a short summer but I managed to pack in a life-time of memories!